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Learn to Dive

Learning to Scuba Dive

If you’re looking to learn to scuba dive and explore the incredible underwater world in Scotland, we would love to help you! As a club, we are passionate about sharing our love for scuba diving with others and helping people discover the wonders of the ocean.

Our BSAC scuba diving training is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a confident, capable and safe diver. We offer a range of training to suit different levels of experience, from the entry-level Ocean Diver course to the more advanced Sports Diver, all the way through to Advanced Dive Leader. Our experienced and highly qualified instructors will guide you through each step of the learning process, ensuring that you are safe, confident, and having fun along the way.

You will need to complete a dive medical form before undertaking training. Details of fitness and medical issues can be found at: Diving fitness and medical forms – British Sub-Aqua Club

Ocean Diver (Entry Level)

As a new beginner to scuba diving, the Ocean Diver course will train you to be able to dive up to 20m with a more experienced diver as your buddy. The theory element of the training can be completed online via the BSAC website with the support of our experienced instructors as required. The practical sessions will start in the safety of a local swimming pool before moving on into local harbours and eventually the open water for your final training and assessments.

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Sports Diver and Beyond

We are an active club with most of our members progressing onto the next levels of their dive training throughout the year. Our current instructors are trained to teach up to and including Advanced Dive Leader. Contact us for more information on any particular training requirements.

You can see the full BSAC training progression model below and full details can be found on their website: Training – British Sub-Aqua Club

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