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Boxing Day Swim 2023

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Every Boxing Day we help out at the Burghead Boxing Day Swim.
Rain, Hail, Sleet, Snow! We are there. It’s such a laugh and a good
catch up!

We take our club rib – JC Explorer and do safety cover for a lot of
nutters willing to jump into the cold Burghead Harbour. Water was 8
degrees this year and definitely warmer in the water. Our day started
when 3 divers this year, Kenny, Simon & Liam launch our Rib from the
slip around 12 noon and make sure the boat is in good working order. 3
Divers Miguel, Nicola (myself) and Alan G all go into the water with all
our dive gear on, around 2pm and do a good sweep of the bottom area
to see if there are any sharp or hidden obstacles that need to be
removed before the Jump commences. Then the organisers give
everyone the thumbs up and the carnage starts.

This year there were
around 40 I think but there has been in the past over 130 participants
taking the plunge! We are there to make sure everyone makes it to the
ladder at the other side and collect all the elves’ hats and santas’ tinsel
which fall in the water with the big splash. Fraser & other divers are
stationed at the ladder to assist aswell.

The jumpers raise lots of money for 3 different chosen local charities
every year. Although it was a smaller amount of jumpers this year they
managed to raise a whopping total of £10,050. Then back to Rob’s
house at the Harbour for Soup, Drinks and social and as usual to plan
the 1st dive of the New Year.

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