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St Abbs 2023

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A great weekend was enjoyed by all of us who made the trip  to St Abbs, the fine little port village just north of Eyemouth on the Scottish south west coast.St Abbs on a map

First dive got us in on West Husknar wall, a nice gentle bimble around 12 meters deep. We kept the wall on our right and saw plenty of lobsters, red eye crabs and a wide range of soft anemones and corals. An excellent reddish pink male lumpsucker was seen and as a real bonus on the ascent, guillemots dived around us as we hung from our SMB’s.

Second dive was on Black Carr Rock, a lengthy rocky outcrop with an interesting boulder field at its base. We got around 25meters on this one. Highlights were a number of wolf fish spotted, again more lobsters and a couple of impressive shoals of fish. A huge long lost anchor from a large ship also lies encrusted on the boulder field.

Saturday night saw us all dining in the New Inn in Coldingham. A fine menu ensured that some great food was served, followed up by a few drinks back at the camp site where most of the divers were staying in pods. The campsite bar featured a “silent disco”, an entirely new experience to me with associated out of tune singalongs and embarrassing dancing. Great fun and a real good laugh.

On Sunday we dived Skerry Hole and the gullies that lie just outside of it. Flat fish were seen in the hole and the gullies themselves were extremely impressive with colourful anemones and corals. Some fine ballin wrasse and a couple of cuckoo wrasse were seen and again, guillemots were diving around us on our ascent. We got around 20 meters on this one.

Final dive was back on Black Carr Rock, diving it in the opposite direction this time because of current. Another male lumpsucker was spotted on this one, always a fine fish to look at, if not a little weird. We also saw lobsters, wrasse and more fish shoals. Flat calm conditions made Sunday a real joy on the hardboat.

Some of us remained on for another great dinner at the New Inn whilst fellow buddies made their way home after a cracking weekend.

Thanks to you all for making it a safe, fun and enjoyable exped.


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