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Three Lochs Challenge

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Record-Breakers – The Three Lakes Challenge

In 2008, TV adventurers Monty Hall and Andy Torbet pioneered a unique diving challenge – to climb to and dive the UK’s three highest lakes in less than 24 hours. All kit must be carried by each individual and the climb covers a total of 36km over rugged terrain. Monty and Andy set the original time of 23 hours 10 minutes… which three of our members saw as a challenge they couldn’t resist taking up.

After months of training and planning, in July 2019, Kenny Munro, Matt Buckley and Robert Pozzi set out on possibly the craziest and most exhausting day of their lives.

Starting at Loch Coire and Lochan in the Cairngorm mountains, they ascended the 996 metres, carrying their 20kg kit the whole way – the dive in the cool waters was a welcome relief after the climb. It was a quick descent down the mountain to then make their way to dive Red Tarn, 718 metres up in the Lake District and finally onto Ffynnon Lloer, North Wales for their final 650m ascent and dive.

Despite their incredible physical fitness, it was a gruelling challenge like no other. Sometimes scrambling on hands and knees, taking endless rest breaks with the pressure of the clock ticking. It was team-work that won the day… each of them relying on each other to reach the next peak and dive.

They completed the challenge in 20 hours 36 minutes, smashing the pioneers set time by over 2½ hours and raised £1,756 for the Club and the RNLI.

Their final thoughts on the challenge, “If you are looking for a fun, enjoyable experience – don’t do it!”

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